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ILSAS Training & Consultancy Areas

  • Power Plant Maintenance in:

           o Valves
           o Pumps
           o Electrical motor
           o Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
           o Actuator
           o Non-destructive testing (NDT)
           o High Voltage generator
           o Uninterruptable Power Supply & Battery supply
           o Steam turbine

  • Power Plant Monitoring in:

          o Vibration
          o Thermography
          o Piping analysis

  • Power Plant Operation in:

          o Thermal
          o Hydro
          o Gas turbine open cycle
          o Gas turbine combined-cycle
          o Biomass
          o Wind
          o Solar PV

  • Green Technology
  • Energy Efficiency

         o Energy Management
         o Energy Measurement

  • Transmission

        o System Operation & Planning (132kV, 275kV, 500kV)
        o Primary Equipment
                     – Lines
                     – Substation
        o Working at Height
        o SF6 Gas Management

  • Distribution

       o Lines (LV & HV up to 33kV)
                  – Overhead & Underground Cables
                  – Cable Jointing
                  – Construction & Maintenance
      o Substation (LV & HV up to 33kV)
                 – Construction
                 – Operation
                 – Maintenance

  • Secondary Equipment

        o Protection
        o Tele-control
        o System Automation & SCADA
        o RTU

  • Electrical Metering
  • Energy Planning
  • Business & Management

        o Asset Management: ISO55000
        o Business Innovation
        o Business Mindset
        o Project Management
        o Risk Management
        o Customer Service
        o Finance & Accounting
        o Human Resource
        o Office Administration
        o Computer System Applications
        o Technology Management
        o Personal Transformation / Character Building
        o Corporate Security
        o Certified Training Practitioner (CTP)
        o TNA / TNI

  • Occupational Health & Safety
       o Power Plant Safety
       o Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
                   – Driver
                   – Engineer
       o Steam (Boiler)
                   – Driver
                   – Engineer
       o Competent Scaffolding Tech
       o Overhead Crane Driver
       o Site Safety Supervisor
       o First Aid and CPR
       o Occupational Safety
       o Environmental Safety
  • Consultancy & Advisory
      o Change Management
      o Culture Management
      o Business Process Improvement
      o Lean Management
      o Lab Facilitation